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Our mission is to connect with organizations and the community to work towards a common goal of human kindness for a better world for love and peace. We shed light on people's personal stories in the Sacramento area to use shared knowledge to create a better tomorrow.  Through media and interviews, we hope to learn about one another, our cultures, and our stories that make us one world without any borders.


We collaborate with other organizations around the Sacramento area. Even amidst a pandemic, we continued our efforts to bring people together around the world through social media. We utilize digital platforms to capture people's unique stories and spread the word on all they have to offer this world. Our work is not limited to our organization. We extend a helping hand to other communities through social media.

We help people on their journey from refugees to citizens by connecting them with other community organizations to receive training and education. 


One World For Love And Peace is not just our organization's name; it is our wish to create one world that is harmonious with one another and filled with love and peace.  We believe in human rights, that all of us are equal to one another, and that every human must be treated as such. 

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