One World for Love and Peace

One World for Love and Peace

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About Us

One World for Love and Peace (OW4LP), an educational 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, founded to increase cultural understanding of the Arab communities living in the greater Sacramento area through media, partnership, public relations and outreach; and to provide transitional assistance to newly arriving Arab immigrants and refugees to the United States.  

One Stop access (OSA) and One Media Access (OMA) are the two programs under OW4LP.

One Stop Access (OSA)

One Stop Access (OSA) program provides transitional assistance to newly arriving Arab immigrants and refugees to the United States through programs to enhance their lives, including housing, health, legal, counseling, tutoring, and translation. OSA’s services start after the initial three-month period the resettlement agencies provide to refugees.

OSA opened its doors and provided services to refugee families during the month of Ramadan in two office locations each once a week for three hours. OSA volunteers visited families in their homes and assisted them in reading and translating letters, made doctors’ appointments, contacted health insurance companies and resolved issues, facilitated communication with the Department of Human Assistance Services and Social Security Administration. OSA volunteers also assisted with car insurance, and DMV appointments, provided diapers and school supplies; were listed as school contact for children, and wrote letters to request service or resolve issues. 

One Media Access (OMA)

One Media Access” (OMA) program focuses on successful Arab transition into local communities. In addition, OMA provides media coverage and outreach support to One Stop Access (OSA), Sacramento area, OW4LP produced a TV show, “The Lighthouse 4 Today’s Viewers”, through Public Cable Television, Access Sacramento, and launched the “Arab American Community TV” (AACTV) as an online TV station to contain the shows from “The Light House for Today’s Viewers”. OW4LP also established Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Welcome)”, an Arabic show with English translation, to address different inspirational individual experiences and resources available for the Arab community. 

Our Committment

Both programs are committed to enrich the lives of newly arriving Arab immigrants and refugees to the greater Sacramento area. OMA fosters the spirit of community by bringing people together with communication. OSA compliments and supports the government’s efforts in providing basic humanitarian needs for the newly arriving refugees. These programs clarify the laws, regulations and rights of the refugees in their language; introduce local services, and address most needed day-to-day issues. This allows a smooth transition and adjustment among the cultural groups living in one community.