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Nahid Kabbani, founder of One World for Love and Peace, has more than 40 years of experience in public service and nonprofit organizations contributing to their just causes. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for One World for Love and Peace with a mission to educate Americans about topics of interest to the Arab communities living in the United States and to promote communication across different cultures.

She started producing the weekly cable television show, "The Lighthouse for Today’s Viewers" in Monrovia and continued the show in Sacramento after she modified the mission to serve the Arab community in the Greater Sacramento area. When she was living in Southern California, she has actively participated in a number of organizations in various roles, including:


  • Board Member of the United Nations Association (Sacramento Chapter)

  • Vice President of the National Visiting Teachers’ Association

  • Board Member of the Arab-American Press Guild – 10 Years

  • Member of the Arab-American Institute

  • Member of the Skillbuilders Toastmasters

  • Board Member and President of the Palestinian Women’s Organization (Los Angeles Chapter) – Six Years

  • Press Officer of the Dar El-Tifl Al-Arabi

  • Member of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Council


Before immigrating to the United States, Nahid lived in Kuwait where she worked as a public relations officer for an anti-pollution company. She became an active board member of The Palestinian Women's Union since its establishment in the 1970s and started training classes for sewing, embroidery, and typing.

For eleven years, hundreds of women graduated from these classes and were able to produce income to assist their families. These projects also generated income to the Union.

Nahid also wrote a weekly column at one of Kuwait’s largest newspapers, Al-Watan, in order to motivate society toward positive change. She then was recruited to start a new daily page at Al-Kabas to cover Kuwait University's activities.

At the same time, she hosted a TV show for women. For the first time, she felt that her controversial columns and TV show helped to plant the seed for critical thinking in the mind of the public. She published her first book in Arabic in 1995, The Harvest of My Years in Los Angeles, California.

Nahid is a great grandmother who is looking forward to passing her experiences in life to the new generations in her family and people around her.

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