One Stop Access (OSA) Services

Referral and Transitional Services

Job readiness training and job placement:

  • Partner with other organizations to provide job training
  • Connect to available job opportunities
  • Prepare participants to seek and obtain employment

Language Services:

  • Refer to English as Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Document translation and interpretation

Health referrals:

  • Assist with health referrals to appropriate facilities
  • Visit sick and elderly members

Housing and Transportation assistance:

  • Find homes and assist with moving
  • Familiarize with neighborhood facilities
  • Secure transportation to services

School assistance:

  • Complete school enrollment forms and applications
  • Assist in acquiring school supplies
  • Assist children with homework


  • Refer to specialized services
  • Follow up on progress

Community Involvement

  • Partner with other organizations to hold an Annual Cultural Event
  • Engage with other existing communities and organizations
  • Organize picnics and potlucks
  • Host fundraising events
  • Teach Arabic classes
  • Solicit input for future activities from community members

Women and Youth Enrichment

Healing and wellness sessions:

  • Hold workshops that focus on wellness, healing, and overall mental and spiritual well-being of women.
  • Connect with organizations that empower women
  • Organize trainings and activities to promote emotional intelligence, soul healing, yoga classes, and more.

Provide employment opportunities to skilled women:

  • Connect women who possess sought after skills (sewing, cooking, child care, etc.) with potential customers interested in these services
  • Educate and empower women to get a career, become independent and live a healthy lifestyle
  • Engage youth to express their views and concerns
  • Partner with other organizations that promote youth and children’s activities and wellbeing
  • Engage in activities that promote emotional intelligence
  • Organize activities for youth and children (field trips, art contest, family fun centers, talent competition)